QuikPlay is a tool designed to bring you music instantly! just enter the song and hear the magic. – and you dont really need to be very specific with the search. QuikPlay knows what you want to hear!


Because we dont have time to search for songs! we know the name, we want to hear it!

What else?
You can make a list of songs you want to hear by just telling QuikPlay. and dont need to be specific at all! just say it like you’re telling a friend! and your new best friend will understand and play it one after the other.

Even more?
Theres always a video for your song! just click on the arrow to show it

-type in “/top”, “/top uk” to hear the top songs in north america or uk (respectively)

-type in “/hip hop”, “/rap”, “/pop”, “/rock”, “/dance” or hear the top songs in each genre
(+) add song feature that allows user to quick-add any playing song to playlist



What are you waiting for?

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